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Our Champions Leaderboard

Identifying our champions and appearing in the table, the players who achieve good results in addition to the gifts rewarded can constantly compete for the best results then show them by us. We daily, weekly, monthly, and annually show the best champions.


Death Match

One of the game modes in MBG is deathmatch. This mode will be accessible with the MBG alpha version, and players and gamers will engage with it. Ten players participate in the 15-minute mode. The alpha version will only support single matches. In a deathmatch, the player with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Battle Royale

One of the game's additional modes. It will be offered available for the beta and release versions, which will follow the alpha version. A match in this mode consists of a number of players, and the one who survives to the end of the game and destroys the other tanks is declared the winner. There are single matches and team matches in this mode.


One of MBG's most powerful modes is Conquer. Our players will have access to this mode in the release versions. There are several areas in the mode that players can conquer. There is a set amount of time left in the game. The match is won by the person who scores the most points.



Turret is one of the main part of the tank , you can upgrade your turret to higher level to rotate faster ,and it can be bought in the marketplace section.

Secondery weapon


A secondary weapon is another part of the tank that be used to attack, but it's not an essential piece, that a tank needs to have.



Here any desired tank cannon can be used and equipped to the tank. It can be bought in the marketplace section



Since all the other components have their own characteristics, the player may want to use a slightly faster tire.



To adjust the track with the tire, another track can be equipped if being faster is the priority. Otherwise, the current track can be used.

Game Rules

The MBG rules can be found here when the first version is released.


MBG is made by Blackstallion. Platform and The BS Token are products of (Blackstallion) company, which is based in Dubai - United Arab Emirates.

Privacy Policy

The MBG privacy and policies can be found here when the first version is released.